Evergreen pendant earrings with 925 silver studs

Evergreen pendant earrings with 925 silver studs

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Part of the R.S. Elegant detailed flowers collection. This pair of earrings are beaded with high-quality Japanese beads with special colour-retaining copper wire. All the pieces in this collection can be freely mixed and remixed. Matching bracelets can be found in the 14k Gold-filled bracelet collection. 

Detailed features

  • 14k Gold-filled chain
  • TOHO glass beads
  • Swarovski bicone beads
  • Gold plated artificial gem pendants
  • Gold plated 925 silver earring studs
  • Length: ~6.0 cm


Each piece from REMONA.STUDIO is handmade and unique. Please be aware of all our products have signs of handmake such as can see the copper wire or the end of the wire, these little marks are normal, not product flaws, so please understand, they are nearly invisible.